Kate Beckinsale is Selfish, Hates Men, Says No More Underworld

It’s official: Kate Beckinsale only cares about herself, and doesn’t give a damn about the men in the world. Otherwise she would have returned for the third “Underworld” movie, “Rise of the Lycans”, a prequel to the previous two films that was forced to replace Kate with Rhona Mitra, who though not entirely unpretty, is no Kate Beckinsale. And when asked by the blokes over at Comingsoon about the possibility of returning for another “Underworld” movie, this time a direct sequel to the first two, she pretty much said she wasn’t interested in returning as the pleather wearing vampire Selene, and men everywhere was sadden.

Says the man-hater:

“I think they’re still going, they probably will. I’m not sure I will,” she told us. “I feel like I’ve played that character enough times that I don’t think I’d be excited to play the same character again. It’s a weird experience. I’ve never done that before, you’re playing the same character in two movies, and after two, I feel like I’m kind of done with that.”

See, I told you Kate Beckinsale was a selfish women who hates men. If she really liked us, or cared about us just a little, she would slip the pleather back on and do some more werewolf fighting. Or just walk around the screen in that tight outfit. Either/or.

Below: Plastic + leather + Kate Beckinsale = box office gold.