Kate Bosworth and Thomas Jane Will Fight Evil in Mike Flanagan’s Somnia

Thomas Jane in Punisher (2004) Movie Image

If you need someone to help you battle evil, a guy name Jane is not a bad someone to have around. After all, Jane is his last name, not his first. (Mind you, I’m not saying a girl can’t be good in a supernatural fight, I’m just sayin’, the guy who played Punisher would be much better.)

Jane will get to put those punishing skills to work in “Somnia” for director Mike Flanagan and Sierra/Affinity when he fronts the horror movie “Somnia”. Jane will co-star alongside Kate Bosworth (“Straw Dogs”), the couple playing a husband and wife team whose child (to be played by Jacob Tremblay) have dreams and nightmares that “manifest physically as he sleeps.”

Remind me never to tuck the kid in.

Flanagan is the director of “Oculus”, which recently premiered at the Toronto Film Festival in September and is currently waiting for a theatrical release.

“Somnia” was written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard, and starts shooting as early as next week.

Kate Bosworth

Via : THR