Katrina Bowden Bringing that All-American Blonde Hotness to Nurse 3D

Can’t let the brunettes have all the fun. Katrina Bowden, the blonde “sexiest woman alive” for some magazine earlier this year and one of those impossibly perfect Hollywood starlets, has closed a deal to join the cast of the upcoming Douglas Aarniokoski-directed thriller “Nurse 3D”, which is set to star Paz De La Huerta of “Boardwalk Empire” fame.

(In case you missed it, the artwork below is an early look at De La Huerta as the titular nurse.)

Bowden, along with De La Huerta, will play “nurses who lure unfaithful men into their fatal web”. I suspect that involves plenty of playful glances and short skirts. Hopefully.

Katrina Bowden is probably most known for co-starring in Tina Fey’s “30 Rock” sitcom, but she’s making major strides in the movies, with roles in the recent “Tucker and Dale vs. Evil”, the starring role in “Piranha 3DD”, and a co-starring role in the latest “American Pie” movie, “American Reunion”.

Look for the nurses to strike in 2012.

Katrina Bowden