Keanu Reeves in Talks to Front Warner Bros.’ Akira

Whoa! Is Keanu Reeves in talks to front Warner Bros.’ big-screen, live-action adaptation of the Japanese manga/anime of the same name for director Albert Hughes? It would appear so!

So says Heat Vision, who reports that the former “Matrix” star (and star of the upcoming “47 Ronin”, where he’ll be playing a half-Asian) is currently holding “talks” with the studio, where he made the high-flying “Matrix” franchise not all that long ago.

Reeves is angling for the role of Kaneda, the film’s lead, who must keep his buddy Testuo from falling into the hands of a Government experiment that threatens to unleash a destructive force upon a futuristic New Manhattan (swapped from Neo Tokyo from the original source material).

Apparently Warner Bros. has been having trouble finding the film’s two male leads. Plus, there were all those accusations of white-washing from the Asian community. Frankly, WB could tamper some of that by changing the character’s names. Why are the leads even still called Kaneda and Tetsuo if they’re not even going to look slightly Asian?