Keanu Reeves: “No Constantine 2 For Me, Thanks”

According to Keanu Reeves, he doesn’t think “Constantine 2” will happen, and even if it did, he’s not gonna be involved in it. Why? Because he’s just not interested in playing the role anymore. Which is too bad, because “Constantine” was one of Reeves’ only movie, post-“Matrix”, that I thought he excelled at. It was gritty and moody and best of all, it didn’t depend on Reeves’ ability (or is that, inability?) to act. The film survived because of its premise and cool aesthetics as provided by former music video turned film director Francis Lawrence.


IESB spoke with Keanu Reeves today at the Street Kings junket where he revealed that a second Constantine was probably not going to ever happen.

Just a few months back, director Francis Lawrence mentioned the possibility of a sequel but said that it all depended on a script. Reeves was decidedly less optimistic and said that despite planning it at one time, a second go-round as John Constantine wasn’t something he’d be interested in doing anymore.

Of course, just because Reeves turns the sequel down, doesn’t mean they still won’t do it. I think the movie has a fanbase, and a sequel could be done with another actor in the part. As I said at the beginning, this isn’t a movie that would necessarily be impossible without Reeves’ involvement. The character is strong enough to survive without Keanu.

Of course, Francis Lawrence coming back would be even better, regardless of Reeves. But without Reeves, I doubt if a sequel would get the same type of big budget, which would probably mean Lawrence, too, would be gone. Can “Constantine 2” happen with a new star and director, and go directly to DVD? I’ve seen worst…

Keanu Reeves: “No Constantine 2 For Me, Thanks”