Keanu Reeves on the State of Cowboy Bebop

keanu-reeves-jekyll-1During an interview for the upcoming film “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”, MTV spontaneously asked Keanu Reeves about the state of the “Cowboy Bebop” movie, in which Reeves plans to play the main character, Spike. Reeves told MTV that the script was enduring subsequent rewrites because it would cost…500 MILLION DOLLARS…to film. It’s clear from the video below that Reeves did not have a real figure in mind, but that instead the film was going to be over-budget in its current incarnation.

I have the ominous sensation that, if not for people like Keanu Reeves, the cinematic arc of this project would crest dangerously close to that of “Dragonball”. The quality of a science fiction film can sometimes (but not always) be adjunct to the size of its budget. Or, at least, it’s indicative of the studio’s faith in the project. That’s why “Cowboy Bebop” works so well as an animated show – ink costs the same regardless of its purpose – and why there is so little faith amongst fans for the live action version. And yet while the Reeves hire does not signify a total commitment to greatness, it might mean that it won’t become “Dragonball” either.

Reeves talks about “Cowboy Bebop”: