Keanu Reeves Says No to Akira

I gotta admit, a Keanu Reeves-fronted “Akira” live-action movie (based on the works of Katsuhiro Otomo) would have been interesting. Mind you, I’m not saying it would have been great, but I am saying that Reeves has a habit of making these type of big-budget, sci-fi event films watchable. That’s all a moot point now, it seems.

According to Joblo, they’ve learned that talks between Reeves and Warner Bros. have ended, and that Reeves has walked away from the film.

Which leaves “Akira” … where?

The film had Albert Hughes signed on to direct a long while back, and a variety of famous screenwriters have been brought on the project over the last few months. With Reeves attached, the film would have definitely move forward, but without him?

Joblo says they’ve learned that, as a result of Reeves passing on the film, Warner Bros. subsequently shut down the film’s “pre-viz department and most of the staff that was working on the film was let go.” Warner Bros. responded with this official statement:

Production on ‘Akira’ has not halted or been shut down, as the film has not yet been greenlit and is still very much in the development stage. The exploratory process is crucial to a project of this magnitude, and we will continue to sculpt our approach to making the best possible film.

You know what would get “Akira” back on track? If Leonardo DiCaprio would get off his ass and star in the film instead of just “producing” it in the background. Of course, I’m sure there are plenty of people hoping the film just dies already.

Personally, I was just hoping to see this sequence shot as live-action: