Keith Arem Goes From Call of Duty to Frost Road

frost-roadThere has been very little immigration between the worlds of videogames and films, but that doesn’t stop Keith Arem, director of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, from trying to direct a large motion picture.  According to Variety, this film is called Frost Road, which is the story about a young man who is immune to a contagion that is sweeping through a small east coast town. Arem is also collaborating on a graphic novel version with c-creator Brandon Humphreys and illustrator Christopher Shy. Variety discusses some of Arem’s credentials:

As talent director on the game, Arem was responsible for directing, casting and engineering all of the actors for the game, which included 50 Cent, Barry Pepper, Kevin McKidd, Keith David, Billy Murray and Lance Henriksen.

Through PCB, Arem has also done game development for the “Lord of the Rings,” “Spider-Man,” “Rainbow Six,” “Silent Hill,” “Prince of Persia,” “Guitar Hero,” “Ghost Recon” and “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” franchises.

Arem said he was “thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the skills I’ve honed in the game industry to the big screen” on “Frost Road.” “There’s an incredible talent pool currently working in the game industry, and I hope that the success of ‘Frost Road’ will give other creators the chance to show what they can do on a wider canvas.”

Directing a game, of course, is nothing like directing a film. It may at first appear to have all of the angles, but the emphasis is different, and the pacing is nothing alike, since the player has to also contend with the interactive elements, which are the main draw. Videogame directors will probably have limited crossover success – it’s not exactly fertile ground for storytellers – though the film will probably have all of the usual conventions endemic to these kinds of stories. There is also a teaser poster below, which offers a small glimpse of the style that they’re going for.

Frost Road

Frost Road