Kellan Lutz and Mickey Rourke Blow Stuff Up Real Good in Java Heat Trailer

Kellan Lutz in Java Heat (2013) Movie Image

Conor Allyn’s Indonesia terrorist actioner “Java Heat” is notable for a couple of reasons. One: it stars Kellan Lutz, who just landed the lead in former “Die Hard 2” director Renny Harlin’s “Hercules 3D” movie. Two: it stars Mickey Rourke as a psycho (doing some weird accent, to boot) blowing things up. Now that’s what I call entertainment!

Check out the first trailer for Allyn’s “Java Heat”, which finds Lutz (formerly of “Twilight” fame) doing his very best John McClane impersonation. Now I gotta admit, all I know about Lutz is from “Twilight” and “Immortals”, but the kid looks like he’s got some chops as an actor and a potential action star. I could be wrong, of course, but he looks pretty decent in this trailer.

After terrorist attack rocks Indonesia and kills the country’s much beloved Sultana and her daughter is kidnapped, Jake, a reckless American tough guy who becomes embroiled in the turmoil ensuing the attacks. Jake is bent on vengeance but quickly finds the world a more complicated place than he can solve with violence alone. Lost among labyrinths of religious, political and cultural havoc, Jake must ally with cerebral Muslim detective Hashim, who handles Jake more like a suspect than a partner. The uneasy friendship leads to a treacherous man-hunt for the attack’s real instigator, a new breed of klepto-terrorist, who is even more twisted and terrifying than the Jihadist terrorists he hides behind.

Also starring Ario Bayu, Uli Auliani, and Rio Dewanto.

Doing some damage this May 10, 2013 from IFC Films.

Java Heat (2013) Movie Poster