Kendrick, Poots, and Jones Want to be Captain America’s Lady in Sequel


Captain America Comic Book coverWeekend Hollywood scuttlebutt has three actresses vying to play Captain America’s leading lady when the Star Spangled Avenger returns to the big screen in 2014 with “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. Up for the cushy role are young actresses Anna Kendrick, Imogen Poots, and Felicity Jones.

Of the three (pictured below, in order from left to right) Anna Kendrick (“The Twilight Saga” movies) is the lone American up against two Brits in Imogen Poots and Felicity Jones. Poots was recently in the “Fright Night” remake, while Jones (“Like Crazy”) recently lost out on being Jack Ryan’s babe in the upcoming reboot to fellow Brit Keira Knightley.

There’s no word on what role the actresses are vying for, just that it’s the sequel’s female lead. So what does the fact that they’re casting so young mean? Which character from the good Captain’s comic book universe would fit in with the early to mid ’20s age they’re looking at here?

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” will be directed by brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, with Chris Evans back as Steve Rogers aka the Captain, along with Bucky, Sebastian Stan, who is expected to take the villain role this time around. The film recently added Anthony Mackie to the cast as Captain America’s new sidekick, The Falcon.

Anna Kendrick in 50-50 (2011) Movie ImageImogen Poots in Solitary Man (2009) Movie ImageFelicity Jones in The Tempest (2011) Movie Image

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  • Juggernaut

    It has to be Sharon Carter right? I’m not completely up to snuff on all of Cap’s supporting cast but she is by far the most well known and makes the most sense. However, I remember seeing the SHIELD agent at he end of CATFA that was posiing as a WWII era nurse (Amanda Righetti of The Mentalist) listed as Sharon Carter on IMDB. Hopefully they haven’t recast Righetti if that was indeed the case. She’d make an excellent Sharon in my opinion.

    • Dedpool

      I hope damnned well that that was just IMDb talking out their ass as they are known to do. While Righetti would make a great Sharon, a nurse SHaronis not so I’m really just hoping that was reaching. None of these women look right for the part of Sharon Carter.

  • Juggernaut

    Why would Marvel cast Righetti in a throw away part though. They could have gotten anyone to play that part. Why cast such a know actress? However, if she was just a random SHIELD agent in WWII era nurses outfit to fool Rogers then I’d say that either Dianne Kruger, Tabret Bethel, Ali Larter or Kristen Bell for Sharon. If the IMDB thing was a mistake that is.


    I don’t how to put this but, sharon might be an homage to peggy’s character and other iconic ladies
    of the 1940’s. who can eber forget that SHIELD Agent posing as a nurse at the end of that film?