Kenneth Branagh to Direct Thor Movie? WTF?

When Marvel Studios released their release slate of big movies for the next few years, I think more than a few people were curious about some of the dates. One of those movies scheduled for 2010 is the “Thor” flick, which didn’t even have a director yet at that point, and you would think a movie as CGI-heavy as a Thor movie would require quite a bit of pre-production work before shooting even begins. It now appears as if Marvel is trying to remedy the whole no-director snafu by announcing that they are currently in negotiations with Kenneth Branagh to direct their big movie. Yes, Kenneth Branagh. The Shakespearean dude. I know, right? Talk about coming out of left field! Does a guy like Branagh even know what comic books look like???

Variety says it’s true, so it must be true:

Kenneth Branagh is negotiating to direct “Thor,” the next Marvel Comics property that will be turned into a live-action film by Marvel Studios. Pic will be released in 2010.

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige’s choice of Branagh is surprising, as Branagh hasn’t really directed an action-heavy film since his debut on “Henry V,” a bloody telling of the British king’s conquest of France.

Branagh is the latest in a string of directors — such as Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”), Christopher Nolan (the Batman franchise) and Gavin Hood (“X-Men Origins: Wolverine”) — with arthouse roots taking on big-budget comicbook fare.

The script is by Mark Protosevich, who also penned last year’s mega hit “I am Legend”, 2006’s not-so-much mega hit “Poseidon” remake, and 2000’s freaky-dinky “The Cell”. The film doesn’t have a star yet, although both Brad Pitt and Kevin McKidd has been touted as potential hammer wielders.

Kenneth Branagh to Direct Thor