Keri Russell Cast in Supernatural Thriller Dark Skies for Director Scott Stewart

Keri Russell I like director Scott Stewart. I dig the kind of movies he makes, and I dug the former special effects man’s “Legion”, his debut with Paul Bettany as a renegade angel out to save humanity. (I’m still holding out hope for that “Legion” TV show that was announced earlier this year, which may or may never actually happen.) I also thought Stewart’s “Priest”, his follow-up to “Legion” (and also starring Bettany) was decent fun, though it could have been so much better.

Stewart’s latest will be the supernatural thriller “Dark Skies”, a film that he plans to direct from his own script. To help make that happen, Stewart and company have cast “Felicity’s” Keri Russell as their female lead.

Besides the fact that “Dark Skies” is a “supernatural thriller”, we don’t know anything else about the movie. We do know, though, that it’s from Dimension Films and producer Jason Blum, who specializes in micro-budget horror movies shot on the cheap with either a no-name cast (the “Paranormal Activity” movies) or not overly expensive stars (“Insidious”) in order to maximize the profits. Obviously with a known name like Russell (well, known-ish, I guess) attached, “Dark Skies” falls in the latter camp. Still, it sounds like Stewart will be working with his smallest budget yet.

Production on “Dark Skies” is set for this Summer, which means a 2013 release date if all goes well.

Paul Bettany and Scott Charles Stewart on the set of Legion (2009) Movie Image

Via : Deadline