Kevin Costner Gets Creepy with The New Daughter

Say what you will about Kevin Costner’s latest endeavor “The New Daughter”, but at least it’s not another bloody baseball movie. Thank God for that, right? Unfortunately, the Luiso Berdejo-lensed thriller looks like something you’d find in the direct-to-video section of your favorite locally-owned video store, which may explain why Anchor Bay is handling distribution. What’s more, the film’s storyline — a father wonders if supernatural forces are responsible for the bizarre events taking place at his secluded farmhouse — isn’t exactly a creative revelation, and the trailer fails to generate any excitement whatsoever. Still, it’s interesting to see Costner tackle a horror movie. A potentially boring horror movie, yes, but a horror movie nonetheless.

“The New Daughter” is scheduled to possess DVD and Blu-ray on May 18th. The trailer in all its lackluster glory awaits your attention.