Kevin Costner is Officially Superman’s Earth Dad


I’ll make this short and simple: Kevin Costner has officially been cast as Superman’s adopted Earth father, Jonathan Kent. He joins Diane Lane as Supes’ mum, pretty much making Superman’s mom and pop the prettiest Earth couple since, well, possibly ever in the history of cinema.

Zack Snyder is directing the “Superman” reboot, which will star Henry Cavill as the Big Boy Scout. Villains, on the other hand, are still up in the air. Most people believe the film’s title will officially be “Superman: Man of Steel”, but there’s no confirmation on that one yet.

You can read Snyder’s thoughts on his approach to the reboot here. Christopher Nolan is producing.

The man of steel flies again in 2012.

Author: Nix

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  • Shazam!

    I LOVE IT! This cast is starting to smell like Batman Begins! I’ve got the same feeling about this casting as I did when I heard that Michael “I could read the phonebook and win an Oscar” Caine was going to play Alfred.

    Mark my words… this film will be epic! Fantastic! Great! Dare I say… Super?

    • Dedpool

      Yeah and that’s the route he’s taking which I like. He’s basiaclly saying yeah these characters have been seen, and the story has been told, but not like this.

  • Danmillion99

    Yeah, the pervert Kevin plays the crappy supermans dad, and its all crappyman all the way, YAY to crap! They need to leave this alone, seriously. I’m starting to believe Superman is cursed now, because the casting for this reboot SUPERSUCKS! No one can better Christopher Reeves, HE WAS SUPERMAN! If I want to watch an amazing Superman movie, I’ll watch the original. What’s with all the remakes, has hollywood lost its imagination, geez! I feel sick. The only guy who can match Christopher Reeve, is Tom Welling, and the casting of Smallville was incredible, perfect in every way. Even the guy who played Superman in Superman Returns was better than the new guy, he had kind eyes. The new guy looks sleezy, and has untrustworthy eyes. Honest eyes are everything when it comes to Superman. Superman does not look sleezy…. Boo to this remake, Just rerelease the original!!!

    • Danbillion69

      Go watch Smallville and Reeve’s superman then dumbass. You think this will sux base because the actor don’t have trustworthy eyes??!! You sound like a loon!!


    how about casting builly ray cyrus as superman’s earth dad. after all, he plays his
    daughter’s dad in HANNA MONTANA. He should take some good lines from the late
    glenn ford saying thise famous lines to young clark (Jeff East) like “YOU’RE HERE


    billy ray cyrus and diane are both better actors than john schnieder and annette
    o’toole in SMALLVILLE. who wants to see a creepy perve like kevin here playing
    our hero’s foster father-UGH!