Kevin Costner Says The Bodyguard 2 Could Happen

Remember what I said in previous posts (what, you guys don’t remember everything I write word for word? Shame on you!) about how every aging movie star eventually goes back to his old films, films that he believes he has “outgrown”, because at this point in his career he needs a hit bad, and what better way to get a guaranteed hit than to return to a movie, or character, that was a proven winner? It now appears as if Kevin Costner may be another movie star trying to relive his glory years by unearthing an old character for a sequel — in this case, “The Bodyguard”. And Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii…will always… Wait, where was I?

Oh right. ShowbizSpy quotes Costner as saying this to NYDailyNews:

“Bodyguard could have had one (a sequel)… No (Marron and Farmer wouldn’t reunite), I think he was true to his word; he didn’t want to guard celebrities anymore.”

He even says he already has a plot idea “in mind”, which could mean he thought about it one day while soaking in the tub of his probably very luxurious Hollywood home, or he just thought about it the other day while talking to his agents about getting him another hit before people stop giving him money to pretend in front of the camera again.

So, a “Bodyguard 2”, without Whitney Houston? Perfect! I always did think Frank Farmer could keep going; after all, that was part of the job — help out a damsel in distress and then move on to the next mission. And as stiff as he usually is in his movies, Costner was the perfect actor for that role — stoic and pretty much lacking personality, but very deadly when needed.

The Bodyguard 2