Kevin Durant Learns to Miss Shots in Thunderstruck Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

Taylor Gray and Kevin Durant in Thunderstruck (2012) Movie Image

Kevin Durant can currently be seen in London dunking on people and shooting ridiculous rainbow threes on poor unsuspecting Frenchman, Brits, and the rest of the world, but next month he’ll be making his acting debut in “Thunderstruck”. In the film, the man known as KD plays, well, a guy name Kevin Durant. Okay, so he basically plays himself in the movie. Hey, it’s a kid’s movie, at least he’s not playing some ridiculous genie or some such, am I right? Anyhoo, check out an amusing behind-the-scenes featurette for the movie. If nothing else, “Thunderstruck” is a white suburban kid’s dream come true.

When Brian, a hopelessly uncoordinated young fan magically switches talents with his hero (Kevin Durant, playing himself), he becomes the star of his high school team…while Kevin Durant suddenly can’t make a shot to save his life. But with the playoffs approaching, Brian learns that being a true winner involves working hard at your own game, and he tries to make things right in time to prevent a catastrophic end to his hero’s season.

Starring Kevin Durant, Taylor Gray, Jim Belushi, Brandon T. Jackson and Larramie Doc Shaw, and directed by John Whitesell.

Dunking in select theaters August 24, 2012.