Kevin Feige Explains Why The Avengers Don’t Help Out Thor and Iron Man in Their Movies

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“Hello? Avengers Mansion? Can I get a little help over here?”

It seems that Captain America will be the only one getting any assistance whatsoever from the other members of “The Avengers” when his sequel lands next year in “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. We’ve already seen pics of the Black Widow and SHIELD on the film’s set.

Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 3 (2013) Movie ImageSo what’s the deal with the other Avengers not lending fellow Avengers Thor in “Thor: The Dark World” (due out later this year) and Iron Man in “Iron Man 3” (opening this May 3rd) a helping hand in their solo movies? Apparently SHIELD doesn’t even show up in “Iron Man 3’s” global terrorism plotline, which you’d think they would, being SHIELD and all, right?

Marvel chief Kevin Feige has an explanation for that. Talking to I09 at the Hollywood premiere of “Iron Man 3” (where a lot of stories you’re reading this morning about the Marvel U. are coming from), Feige explained it this way:

That’s a new issue, right? That’s a new problem of Phase II, and the way we treat it in this movie and a lot of the movies is not dissimilar to how they treat it in the comics. Which is to say they’re either busy somewhere else — we know Thor is on another planet. But also, having the events happen very quickly in a way that there wasn’t time for the other characters or entities to get involved. And Shane has said recently, you know without giving too much away, the element of the government that would have reached out to S.H.I.E.L.D. was in on the plan, so they kept that at bay. And Tony tells us very specifically in a message he leaves for Pepper, I’m basically going off the grid, I’m going off the radar to try and figure this out on the down low, which is why he doesn’t pick up a phone and call a helicarrier to fly over and help him out.

I’m not sure I buy that. Ironically, it’s entirely Marvel’s fault that we expect cross-over appearances by the superheroes now, given what they’ve managed to pull off with their Phase 1.

He goes on to talk more about making sequels and finally, about keeping the sure-to-be CGI-heavy “Guardians of the Galaxy” from looking too much like Warner Bros.’ failed “Green Lantern” movie. The two films are both space-set and features a heavy alien contingent.

Well the same way, Iron Man 3 has as much CG as any movie we’ve ever made, and I hope it doesn’t feel like Green Lantern. And it’s all about the aesthetic you go for and already we have an art department as impressive as any art department I’ve ever seen in London on Guardians. And it’s, you know, designing things and believing that they’re real when part of the team’s made up of a raccoon and a tree.

Yeah, that whole raccoon and tree characters thing. I’m really interested how they’re going to pull that one off myself.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” will be directed by James Gunn and arrives in 2014.

Rocket Raccoon in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Concept Artwork