Kevin McKidd is … Thor?

After “Thor” finally scored a director in Matthew Vaughn, you knew it wouldn’t be long before the names started flying about who would actually play the lead in the movie. The first name to appear online was floated by IESB, who reported on it earlier this week. The name? Scottish actor Kevin McKidd, who can currently be seen on HBO’s “Rome” as Lucius Vorenus. If McKidd does end up with the job (and right now, it’s all just rumors, and you know how it is with movie roles and movie lead rumors, they’re always all over the place), he’d be the second “Rome” alum to land a superhero lead, following in co-star Ray Stevenson’s capturing of the Punisher’s skull.

More from IESB:

Looks like there may be another superhero coming out of HBO’s Rome. First it was Ray Stevenson who was announced as the new Punisher. Now, Kevin McKidd, Rome’s Lucius Vorenus, is being rumored as the new mighty Thor!

The Thor script was penned by Mark Protosevich and is said to very origin heavy. Origin of Norse Gods, origin of the Uru Hammer, origin of how Thor came to be basically, which makes a lot of sense considering the last time most saw Thor on the big screen was in Adventures in Babysitting!

Take it for what it is…

Kevin McKidd is ... Thor?