Kevin McKidd Offered Highlander Remake


From Journeyman to Highlander? Sure, why not. Or at least, that’s the casting couch rumor of the day according to the blokes over at, who has it on good authority — okay, so maybe not — that McKidd has mentioned, seemingly “off the cuff”, that he’s been “approached” to pick up the broadsword in Summit Entertainment’s planned remake of “Highlander”. You know, the first one? Not the one about how they’re aliens from the planet Endor, or the other one where they’re monks hiding in the Count of Monte Cristo’s dungeon, or that idiotic one where they’re bad extras from a bad version of “The Road Warrior”. Yeah, the first one. The only one worth watching.

Anyhoo, here’s what someone told Joblo:

JoBlo reader ‘Lynchy’ tells us that actor – and actual Scotsman – Kevin McKidd (HBO’s “ROME”, DOG SOLDIERS) was just on Dublin radio, and mentioned he’d been approached by the production company about starring in the film. We don’t know much more than that, but the producers did previously mention they would include medieval Scotland in their version of the story. And McKidd may have some time on his schedule after the termination of his “JOURNEYMAN” series.

Yeah, not real solid, this one. But you know what, I could see McKidd in the role. He’s certainly physical enough (the guy is huge), and he’s Scottish enough (he actually is a Scot). So, you know, the accent wouldn’t be so absurd knowing he isn’t affecting it.

But you know what would be better? Not remaking the damn movie in the first place.

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  • Mac

    David Boreanaz should play Connor MacLeod.

    He looks and has a similar style and build as Lambert:

  • Bob Holland

    For Conner McCleod you need a new face. I can't see anyone except Christopher Lambert as Conner. So please don't choose a known actor. But the one you choose needs some ridiculous sword skills. Brian Austin Green would be a good Kurgan except he may be a little thin for an immortal Russian. But if Triple H could act he would be perfect. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Jet Li as one of Conners friends. Hmmm, Ramirez…. This one is going to be tough. Maybe Liam Neesom. Nah. I'd just think of Batman Returns. Would Hugh Jackman do it I could actually see that. Or how about George Clooney, he has the right look, but not the right acting style. Daniel Craig (james bond), just maybe, or Al Pacino does he have the right type of charm. I got it! Danial Fillion, Just add a touch of gray to the hair. He has the right charm, he is whitty, and fit enough to pull off Ramirez. But wait a minute even better, Robert Downey Jr. So here is my list: Conner an unknown, Kurgan Triple H, Ramirez, Robert Downey Jr. and Jet Li as one of Conners friends.

  • Buckigurl33

    Alec Baldwin as Ramirez? Eeeeewwwww

  • Buckigurl33

    Alec Baldwin as Ramirez? Eeeeewwwww

  • Saw629

    Jeff Bridges…. Ramirez

  • Jerkfaceband_vocals

    Kevin McKidd kinda has that broody look that Lambert is famous for, and dammit, I like the guy. I’m leaning more towards Clancy Brown reprising the role of the Kurgan…Watch Pathfinder he was Gunnar, or someone like Ingvar E. Sigurdsson, Played Grendel in Beowulf and Grendel, You just need a big guy who can act and who can do a good thick Romanian or Russian or wherever the hell the Kurgan is supposed to be from type accent. As for Ramirez, Antonio, Badass, Banderas! No doubt in my mind at all. After that, all I require is a watchable script and a bottle of brandy and thats it!

  • Illuminati

    Highlander is perfect!

  • Michael Sloanne

    I hate remaking classic & cherish movies,that’s the lazy way of doing movies & tv series.blasted be original or at least continue the story.I’m a fan of all Highlander movies,series & it’s spin off..No one can replace Christopher Lambert as the great Connor MacLeod or Adrian Paul as Duncan MacLeod. If your going to bring back the movies then continue were it left off.if you want to bring Coonor(Chris Lambert) back.then have Connor after killing a bad guy call out his brother Connor.just like Highlander 2:The Quickening.when Connor call on his friend/Mentor Fmr.Egyptian/Spanish Ramírez..

  • Connor H.

    Gerard Butler as Connor Macleod
    Vinnie Jones as The Kurgan
    Javier Bardem as Ramirez

  • Kfrench

    It has to be:


    JASON MOMOA (game of thrones) as Kurgan

    and Javier Bardem as Remirez

    Perfect casting and the only way forward!

    and Guys!
    Kurgan has to be over 6 feet tall to have any chance of being a presence to match Clancy Brown!

    vinnie Jones,Gerard Butler Tom Hardy Vin Deisel are all well built guys but all are migits in comparison