Kevin Smith Bringing that Comic Book Geekness to AMC

Just what the world needs, right? Another reality TV show. Well, ready or not, another one’s coming, and comic book dork/comic book store owner Kevin Smith is the brains behind the venture. The “Chasing Amy” and “Clerks” director recently posted a casting call for “people in the Tri-state area with cool, unique, rare, or otherwise awesome comic book/movie memorabilia.” The show is being described as “Pawn Stars” for comic book geeks. “Pawn Stars”, if I recall, is about a bunch of pawn shop owners buying and selling junk, or some such.

True story: I once sold a watch to buy some gas while I was in college, so I could drive home to borrow some money, but that’s pretty much the extent of my interaction with these pawn shop “stars”. Comic books, on the other hand, I’ve head more than a passing familiarity with, especially in my earlier years. College was also about the time I stopped even thinking about comics and started thinking about, uh, you know, other things. Ahem.

Those interested in being a part of Smith’s sure-to-be awesome endeavor should click over to this Facebook casting call for details. Or deets, as the kids call them. (Kids still call them that, right?)

The show will be on AMC, also home of “The Walking Dead”. Though Smith might have jumped the gun on the announcement a tad, as AMC isn’t commenting.