Kevin Smith to Release Red State Himself, Announces his Last Film Ever

Even if you aren’t necessarily a fan of what usually constitutes “a Kevin Smith movie”, you might actually end up being a fan of his latest, the slasher/horror flick “Red State”, which judging by the first teaser trailer released for the movie (below), might be the most un “Kevin Smith movie” you can possibly get. Of course, trailers have lied before, but from what I see, it looks like Smith is taking the horror pretty seriously in “Red State”.

While in Sundance over the weekend, Smith announced that he will distribute “Red State” himself. The plan is to take the movie on the road and spend as little as possible on advertising, while personally talking to exhibitors about showing the movie in their theaters, locations, etc. I’m guessing a lot of college campus dates will follow. The film itself won’t open at your local mall cinemas until October 19.

Why exactly is he doing this? Who knows. Maybe he’s just sick and tired of studios having control over how his movies are marketed/sold to the masses. As you’ll recall, his last movie “Cop Out” was supposed to be called “A Couple of Dicks”, so maybe that had something to do with it.

In other Kevin Smith news, the writer/director claims “Red State” will be his second-to-last film that he will ever direct, with the final movie being “Hit Somebody”. Will he actually follow through on this or is this some elaborate gag? We’ll find out after “Hit Somebody”, I suppose.