Kevin Smith’s Long-Delayed Red State Will Shoot This July…?

Remember when Kevin Smith used to blog on MySpace about his upcoming horror film “Red State”? If not, that means you have a life, and you should be extremely proud of yourself for that. Go on, my friend — pat yourself on the back a few times and smile brightly at yourself in the mirror. That’s quite an accomplishment. However, despite Smith’s best intentions, the ambitious project never got off the ground. For a while, there were rumors the production would be funded by extremely generous fan donations, an idea that’s most ingenious and, honestly, more than a little stupid. I guess you have to do what you have to do if you’re serious about your script.

Three years and a “Cop Out” later, Smith is back on the “Red State” trail, proclaiming from his Twitter page that the film will begin shooting in July. Is this just another false start? Is Smith really on the fast track to delivering his first genre picture? Time will tell. Given the production’s history, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the entire shebang crashed and burned within the next few weeks. I’ll keep my virtual fingers crossed, but I certainly won’t hold my breath.