Kevin Sorbo Drowns Out the Fury in Garrett Brawith’s Poolboy

Kevin Sorbo in Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury (2011) Movie Image

Kevin Sorbo, Danny Trejo, and Jason Mewes? In the same motion picture? Why in the hell didn’t someone tell me about this thing sooner? Below you’ll find the trailer for director Garrett Brawith’s “Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury”, a supposed “lost movie” from the 90’s that was deemed too terrible to release by the flick’s distributor. As a diehard Sorbo fan, I have a strong compulsion to watch this movie as soon as humanly possible. However, I suppose I’ll have to wait for someone to bring this to the States, as it’s currently only available on Region 2. What the hell is that about? Someone get this thing distribution, post-haste!

Need a synopsis? Feel free to take this one:

In this unearthed lost movie from 1990 that the studio deemed too terrible to release, a Vietnam Veteran Sal Bando (Sorbo), tortured by his past as a Poolboy returns home to Van Nuys, California, and a country he doesn’t recognize, in which it seems only Mexicans run pool-cleaning companies. Bando sets off on a brutal mission to reclaim his ‘rightful’ vocation and enact revenge on the man (Trejo) who killed his wife and son.

If you have an all-region player or, alternatively, live within the confines of Region 2, securing a copy shouldn’t be that difficult. The rest of us, however, will just have to wait. The trailer awaits.

Poolboy: Drowning Out the Fury (2011) Movie Poster