Kevin Spacey Confirmed for Superman Sequel Man of Steel

It would appear all those stories about Kevin Spacey retiring from movies to do theater was a tad premature. In fact, Spacey claims he never said he was going to retire, only that he would concentrate more on theater, but still do movies. At least, that’s what he says now. In any case, Spacey seems to have been confirmed for Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns” sequel, to be called “Man of Steel”, according to this Variety article. Besides committing to “Man of Steel”, Spacey already has two other films in the can, including David Dobkin’s comedy “Fred Claus and Robert Luketic’s “21”.

There have also been rumors that “Man of Steel” wouldn’t happen, given the less than stellar (at least according to industry expectations) box office numbers for “Superman Returns”, but that, too, seems to have been resolved. But according to many sources, Singer shouldn’t expect another $300 million budget for “Steel”, as the studio just won’t pony up that much for a sequel.

To be perfectly honest with you, I’m not exactly doing cartwheels over this news. To me (and I’m sure to no one else) Spacey’s Lex Luthor was the worst thing about “Superman Returns”. It was like watching an actor playing a goof in a dead-serious movie. Like Spacey was camping it up way too much. It was bad enough that all they had Superman do was fly around fighting crystals and junk, but Luthor and his evil schemes just ruined things for me.

Still, a “Man of Steel” where Luthor only does a cameo, and Superman gets to fight superpowered villains, would rock. And Singer has already said that he would make sure the sequel rocks hard.

Singer should start on “Man of Steel” for a 2009 release once he’s finished the Tom Cruise World War II movie “Valkyrie” and something called “The Mayor of Castro Street”.

Kevin Spacey Confirmed for Man of Steel