Kevin Spacey is Ready for Man of Steel

Wasn’t there a rumor a while back that Kevin Spacey (pictured, left) had quit acting? Or am I thinking of someone else? Oh well. The latest Spaceman news is that the “21” star has openly mentioned that he’s already signed up for the “Superman Returns” sequel, “Man of Steel” (no surprise; every actor who goes into a comic book/sci-fi/fantasy movie ends up signing for at least a trilogy nowadays), and he would love to come back if they’ll have him. Spacey, of course, hammed it up something (really, really) awful as Lex Luthor in “Superman Returns”, one of the low-lights of the movie for me, but a lot of people seem to love his campy performance.


He said: “I believe they are in talks at the moment. I have actually already signed up to do it. So if they decide to go ahead with it and they still want me, then I will definitely be in it.”

Kevin also said he loved starring in the film alongside Brandon Routh, who played the ‘Man of Steel’, and Kate Bosworth.

He added: “I absolutely loved it. One of the reasons I signed up to do it was because I wanted to work with Bryan Singer again, who I worked with on ‘The Usual Suspects’ in 1995, because I think he is an absolute genius.”

I could do without Spacey’s Luthor myself. I thought his performance detracted from the gritty drama that the movie was going for, but then again, how “gritty” can you really get in a movie about a guy who flies around with his underwear showing?

Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor