Kevin Williamson Plans to Kill off Sid in Scream 4? Likely.

With Neve Campbell having made it clear that she has no plans, or indeed any interest in returning as Sidney Prescott in the “Scream” films, it would seem that writer Kevin Williamson has no choice but to kill off the franchise’s main character and move on without her. Williamson seems to indicate just that when speaking to MTV at Comic-Con, saying:

“It’s gonna sort of involve our returning characters—the only characters left alive,” he said. “We’ve got Courteney Cox and David Arquette returning.”

Williamson, who was furiously writing a Sid-centric “Scream 4” (a direct sequel to the previous 3 installments and not a reboot as rumored, he confirms) before getting the bad news from Neve Campbell herself, will now have to tweak his script to take the Sid part out completely. Which would seem to mean that Sid gets the shaft in the years between “Scream 3” and “Scream 4”, with the latter supposedly picking up 10 years after the last one. But hey, we still have the Arquettes, which is just as good. Right?

By the way, people are still dumping on Campbell for not returning, but I kind of respect her. She’s moved on, even if it’s a bad career movie, but you gotta admire the girl’s integrity for not going backwards and taking the safe job.

Look Courtney, it's our movie career! Sha-weet!

Look Courtney, it's our movie career! Sha-weet!