Jane Goldman Says Kick Ass 2 Won’t be Kicking Ass Anytime Soon

Jane GoldmanDespite what you may have heard or read or listened to what Mark Millar has said (you’ll eventually learn, though, that Mark Millar loves talking about things that aren’t true; I suspect he does it on purpose to screw with people, as is his wont), screenwriter Jane Goldman told Absolute Radio that there are no plans to make “Kick Ass 2: Balls to the Wall”, the sequel to Matthew Vaughn’s crass superhero flick “Kick Ass” anytime soon. Goldman was at the same red carpet that Gary Oldman was at (here), where he talked about “The Dark Knight Rises”.

According to Goldman, who has written the script for most of Vaughn’s movies, including “Kick Ass” and the upcoming “X-Men: First Class”, she “doesn’t think [the sequel to “Kick Ass”] is going to happen” as far as she knows. Wow.

She adds: “At the moment it’s not in the works, but it might be.” Goldman cites the busy schedules of everyone involved. She doesn’t sound especially optimistic that it’ll happen, though does say it might happen “one day” despite the film already been penciled in as a 2012 film over at IMDB.com. Goldman calls rubbish on that, too.

The interview starts off with some “X-Men: First Class” questions, but the video below is jumped to the “Kick Ass 2” part: