Kick Ass’s Friday Box Office is Mildly So

It made fanboys giddy, but what about everyone else? Kinda, though it probably won’t be the mega hit that many were predicting. Still, the film took in $7.6 million in its Friday opening, and adding in the $12.4 million from overseas, Matthew Vaughn’s foul-mouthed superhero comic book movie has grossed about $20 million so far in one day of release.

The film is expected to take in around $20 million over the weekend in the States alone, and although that will probably be about $10 million short of industry expectations, there’s no reason why the film shouldn’t easily recoup its estimated $30 million production budget and make a nice profit for Vaughn and Lionsgate, who paid $25 million for the film’s Stateside distribution rights after the movie’s successful Comic Con debut. As well, the film should prove to be a hit on DVD, and I can already see the wealth of special features — comic to screen, a pile of deleted scenes, etc.

So while “Kick Ass” wasn’t the big hit everyone expected, I think it’s safe to say that it still did reasonably kick ass business.

The first person who calls 'Kick Ass' a disappointment gets to meet Hit Girl in a dark alley.