Kiefer Sutherland Insists the 24 Movie Will be Here by Summer 2012

Well give him this: Kiefer Sutherland sounds just as strident and single-minded as his most famous character, CTU badass Jack Bauer. During a trip to the set of “The View”, Sutherland once again reiterated his belief that the “24” movie will happen soon. How soon? You can expect it by the Summer of 2012, says Sutherland, which would mean, um, production has to start by the end of this year, or sooner.

Leave it to FOX to NOT strike while the iron is hot. You’d think they would get this thing up and running as fast as possible while the show is still fresh in audience’s minds, but apparently you’d be one of those people who think logically, and not from the perspective of a Hollywood studio suit.