Kiefer Sutherland’s Head Butting Incident May Delay 24 Season 8

Kiefer Sutherland

Despite being a fan of 24, I’m not thrilled by how this year’s storyline has progressed. Seriously? Tony Almeida as a terrorist scumbag? I don’t buy it. Also, way, way too many usage of the word “conspiracy” has turned the season into something of a joke. Really, in one episode alone, I swear they said the word “conspiracy” about 50 times. Anyways, one can only hope that Season 8 will be better. Then again, maybe that’s asking for too much. Aging shows don’t get better, they get slower, more predictable, etc. So maybe Kiefer Sutherland headbutting some fashion designer in New York and possibly violating his L.A. drunken driving parole, leading to a delay in Season 8 production, is for the best?

So what exactly happened? There was a whole incident where Sutherland was at some fashion show and he headbutted a designer name Jack McCollough. Sutherland says it was because McCollough was being a douche and bumped into Brooke Shields, who Sutherland was talking to, and didn’t apologize when he asked him to. Sutherland then, er, headbutted him. I shit you not.

McCollough denies Sutherland’s version of things, and Shields’ people seems to concur. Oops?

So now the NYPD is looking to charge Sutherland with third-degree assault. Or at least, that’s the rumor. Obviously this is going to cause problems for Sutherland and the production of 24’s Season 8, which is just around the corner and be set in New York, ironically. Sutherland is already on a 5-year parole from a 2007 DUI charge in L.A., so it’ll be up to an L.A. judge to decide if Sutherland has violated his parole and send him back to L.A. jail. Or the judge could just make Jack Bauer do additional community service, though that appears unlikely, especially if the NYPD decides Sutherland was drunk when he took his head to McCollough’s soft, squishy face.

Sutherland is expected to surrender to the NYPD.

By the way, here’s a picture of Jack McCollough. Does he not look like a totally headbuttable douche bag or what? Check out those evil “Son of the Devil” eyes. I can see him saying something to Sutherland to rile him up. I’m just saying. And whoever heard of fashion designers with tattoos? Whose he trying to kid?