Kiefer Sutherland’s Mirrors Teaser Trailer, Bloody Images

If Jack Bauer and his whispery, gravel voice is tough enough to take down terrorist scum nearly singlehandedly for the last six seasons, what chances do you think some freaky dinky ghosts living in his mirrors have? How about the same chances you don’t look like a total loser when you show up at the “Hulk” screening tomorrow all by yourself. Check out the teaser trailer for Sutherland’s latest, a horror movie called “Mirrors”. It’s supposed to be based on a South Korean movie called “Into the Mirror”, but I don’t see a whole lot of similarities between the two films from the teaser.

Speaking of which … dude, Paula Patton. Wow.

A man is head of security at a department store plagued by unexplained deaths The store is also the target of demonstrators wanting compensation for an earlier staff fire tragedy. The man becomes intrigued by a disturbed woman. She claims her sister, who died in the fire, is exacting revenge, using mirrors as a gateway back into the living world.

Starring Kiefer Sutherland, Paula Patton, Ezra Buzzington, Erica Gluck and Cameron Boyce, and directed by Alexandre Aja.

Aja, for the unawares, is the Frenchman who convinced me the French were capable of making terrifying horror movies that actually terrified, instead of really traumatizing movies about clowns that ate your shoes as you slept. What, that was just me? Yeah, right.

“Mirrors” opens August 15.

Haven’t gotten enough mirror on mirror action? Check out some of these bloody pics from the movie. Damn, I’ll never shave the same way again.

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