Killer Elite Adds Yvonne Strahovski and Bob De Niro to its Elite Cast

Robert DeNiro in Killer Elite (2011) Movie Image

Jason Statham’s actioner “Killer Elite” is piling on the cast, with the previous notable addition being Clive Owen. You can now add two more names to the increasingly impressive cast: “Chuck’s” asskicking super hottie agent Yvonne Strahovski (below) and the less attractive Robert De Niro (left) will be getting elite. The duo will join the heavily Aussie-tinted cast, which includes Statham, Owen, Ben Mendelsohn, Aden Young, Lachy Hulme, “Prison Break’s” Dominic Purcell, and Firass Diran.

In the Garry McKendry-directed film, De Niro will play a character name Hunter, the mentor and best friend of Danny, Jason Statham’s character. According to Moviehole, Hunter has been kidnapped by an Arab sheik who blackmails Danny into killing Harris (played by Lachy Hulme), but of course, they’re going to get more than they expected. By which I mean, I’m guessing Statham’s ex-NAVY Seals character goes all medieval on them and all manner of stuff blows up real good.

No word on Strahovski’s character, but it’s a good bet the description probably involves the words “sexy” and “blonde”. Shooting on the actioner commenced last Friday on location in Melbourne.

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