Killshot Gets a Broken Down Piece of Trailer

For a movie with its pedigree (Oscar-winning director, Diane Lane, Thomas Jane, and Mickey Rourke in the cast) it’s amazing how under the radar “Killshot” is flying. The film is scheduled to open later this month, and most people don’t know it exists. But then again, if you’ve seen the trailer, it sure looks like your average direct-to-DVD mob hitman movie, doesn’t it? Meaning, you could probably find 10 similar movies exactly like it, minus the A-list cast and crew, on your local videostore shelf starring Dolph Lundgren or some other disposal action movie star. Maybe that’s why “Killshot” hasn’t exactly been getting the “Mickey Rourke is back, baby!” treatment that all Rourke movies are currently getting after his “The Wrestler” triumph. Judge for yourself. “Killshot” trailer below.

Carmen Colson (Diane Lane) and her husband Wayne (Thomas Jane) are placed in the Federal Witness Protection program after witnessing a crime. The couple thinks they are now safe, but an experienced hitman, Armand “The Blackbird” Degas (Mickey Rourke), and a rookie killer, Richie Nix (Joe Gordon Levitt) are on their trail.

Starring Diane Lane, Thomas Jane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Mickey Rourke. John Madden (“Shakespeare in Love”) directs.

Take the shot January 23, 2009.