Kim Ji-Woon Will Return To Korea After The Last Stand With Arnold Schwarzenegger

Korean director Kim Ji-woon (“I Saw the Devil”, “The Good, the Bad, the Weird”, “A Bittersweet Life”) is a badass. He’s made some of my favorite films in recent memory, and is currently filming his English-language debut with “The Last Stand”, a yarn about a hard luck cop along the US/Mexico border taking on a drug lord. “The Last Stand” is notable to most because it marks the return of a certain state governor to his true calling, action hero, as Arnold Schwarzenegger steps back into lead roles on the big screen.

Bringing foreign filmmakers to Hollywood is a dicey proposition. How many times have we seen a remarkable talent welcomed into the bosom of American film production only to turn out dud after dud? So I was understandably worried that the same fate would befall Kim. On that subject, however, it is being reported that Kim is not going to become a permanent fixture on the Hollywood scene, at least not yet, and that he will return to work in Korea after finishing work on “The Last Stand”.

He will collaborate on a film called “The Fall of Humanity” with director Lim Pil-seong (“Antarctic Journal”, “New Generation”). There is little known about the film at this point, or what the nature of Kim and Lim’s collaboration will be, but from what little info there is, this sounds like a good idea to me.

As pumped as I am to see Schwarzenegger kick some ass on screen again, and I am seriously pumped for that—I grew up watching him blow villains straight to hell and have sorely missed that in my life in recent years—I think I’m even more excited at the prospect of a new movie from Kim. I love every film he’s made, many of which rank among my personal favorites, and I am curious to see how his style and skills translate to a Hollywood film.

Via : /film