Kim Ji-woon’s I Saw the Devil Coming to US Theaters This March

Byung-hun Lee and Min-sik Choi in I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie Image

Fans of talented South Korean director Kim Ji-woon have reason to celebrate: Magnet Releasing, which recently acquired North American distribution rights to “I Saw the Devil”, will drop this utterly fantastic motion picture into US theaters beginning March 4th. It’s a limited release, of course, but it’s certainly better than nothing. And who knows? Perhaps the film will do resounding business, and Magnet will choose to add additional theaters to the list. After all, stranger things have certainly happened. However, if you’re going to attend this year’s Sundance Film Festival, you should be able to catch the flick during “Park City at Midnight”. You insanely lucky bastards.

If you’re at all curious to read my thoughts on this remarkably thrilling production, feel free to investigate my review for the film. When Top 10 list time arrives, you can rest assured it will rest somewhere very high.

I Saw the Devil (2010) Movie Poster