Kim Ki Duk’s Arirang and Crocodile on Region 2 DVD

Crocodile (1996) Movie Image

Fans of South Korean auteur Kim Ki Duk will have a lot to crow about on October 8th, 2012, when UK-based Terracotta Media releases two of the director’s more famous films on one DVD. The 2 disc DVD set will include “Crocodile”, the director’s 1997 directorial debut, which is getting a UK release for the first time, along with “Arirang”, a documentary about the director’s self-imposed exile that won “Un Certain Regard” Award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2011.

About “Crocodile”:

Kim Ki-duk’s stunning debut CROCODILE is a study of violence in South Korean society and seemingly unlike any other Korean films made before it. It depicts the life of violent thug, Crocodile, who lives with a peddling boy and an old man by the banks of the river Han in Seoul, a popular suicide spot. Homeless Crocodile makes a living by robbing the dead bodies of those who commit suicide by jumping into the river. One day, he saves the life of a suicidal young woman from drowning but only to use her for sex. Keeping her there, he develops an abusive relationship and, despite his temper and violence, a bond soon forms between the four of them.

About “Arirang”:

ARIRANG marks Kim Ki-duk’s triumphant return to cinema after an absence of three years. ARIRANG offers audiences a unique and indiscreet look at the man regarded as one of Korea’s greatest living directors.
While shooting a suicide scene for his last film, DREAM, in 2008, the lead actress nearly perished and the incident triggered an emotional and creative breakdown for the director. As an act of self-administered therapy, ARIRANG takes playful liberties with the documentary form as Kim Ki-duk traces his experiences and mindset during this period of crisis.

You can buy the box set from Terracotta Media.