Kim Raver will Re-unite with Jack Bauer in 24: Live Another Day

Kim Raver in 24 TV Series

I don’t know what Kim Raver is thinking — being Jack Bauer’s love interest is just not a very good idea. Just ask, well, everyone who has ever loved the guy, including Kim Raver herself, whose character Audrey Raines was left in a bit of a vegetative state when we last saw her.

Jack Bauer has moved on to new women (though predictably, those didn’t last, either), but it looks like Audrey Raines will be making a comeback, with news that Raver is in talks to reprise the role for the upcoming “24” 12-episode limited series, “24: Live Another Day”.

Raver joins Kiefer Sutherland, reprising Jack Bauer, along with Bauer’s trusty (and twitchy) sidekick Chloe O’Brien (Mary Lynn Rajskub). She’ll be only the third castmember to return from the show’s previous 9 seasons, which left with Jack, once again, on the run.

Unlike a regular 24-episode season, “Live Another Day” will play around with the show’s real-time conceit, this time skipping around the day. I guess it wouldn’t necessarily be real-time anymore.

The show is set to count down next year in 2014.

Via : TVLine