Kim Sang-man’s Midnight FM Headed to South Korean DVD This February

The best thing about the release of director Kim Sang-man’s “Midnight FM” on Region 3 DVD is that the film will be subtitled in English. This is fantastic news, as my Korean is practically non-existent, with the exception of the few fleeting words I’ve gleaned from watching “Lost”. But, I digress. “Midnight FM” has been on my radar for quite some time, so the fact that this thing is finally headed to DVD in a language I can understand has made my weekend. Of course, the film might suck to the heavens upon high, but that’s a cinematic fact I’d like to determine for myself.

Here’s some info about the film and its upcoming release:

Tonight is late night radio host Sun Young’s (Soo Ae) final show. The next morning she will be flying to the States with her ill daughter. During the program, she receives a shocking phone message: her family has been taken hostage. Threatening to kill her family if she doesn’t do as he says, the caller (Yoo Ji Tae) sends her instructions, starting with requests for obscure songs. Sun Young has two hours to save her family – and her live broadcast cannot stop.

Directed by Kim Sang Man (Girl Scout), Midnight FM takes its suspenseful standoff to the airwaves for a tightly wound thriller that enthralls from beginning to end. Acclaimed actor Yoo Ji Tae (Old Boy) delivers another versatile performance as the increasingly unhinged psychotic caller, but it’s Soo Ae (Sunny) who truly shines on screen and on air as the embattled heroine who fights back with everything’s she got.

If you’re looking for special features, the DVD comes equipped with an audio commentary, a few behind-the-scenes featurettes, a music video, and a handful of teasers. The artwork for the “Midnight FM” DVD rests below. Interested parties looking to pre-ordering a copy should pay a visit to YesAsia as soon as possible.