Kim Yunjin Tracks Down a Serial Killer in Director Kim Whee’s Neighbor

If you’re a serial killer and “Lost” star Kim Yunjin lives in your building, she’s not going to put up with your shenanigans. That seems to be the premise for director Kim Whee’s upcoming thriller “Neighbor”, a film I’m curious to learn more about. Right now, here’s what I know: Kim stars as a grieving stepmother who learns that a serial killer might be living in her apartment complex. Tension and suspense are rumored to be involved, as well.

Have a look at this synopsis, courtesy of Asian Wiki:

Residents of a small apartment building learn that a serial killer lives within their building. A stepmother feels heavy guilt for not being able to prevent her stepdaughter’s murder. The stepmother takes it upon herself to find the killer. Meanwhile, a young girl that resembles the murdered girl becomes the next target of the serial killer.

“Neighbor”, which stars Kim Sae-Ron, Jang Yeong-Nam, Cheon Ho-Jin, Ma Dong-Seok, Lim Ha-Ryong, and Kim Sung-Kyun, should hit theaters this July. Since that month is rapidly approaching, I’d say a trailer is right around the corner. As far as promotional material goes, all we’ve got is a poster-type thingy, and you passed that on your way down here. If you can read Korean, click the artwork below to check out Kang Pool’s original comic.