Kirsten Dunst Confirms Spider-Man 4 and 5. Sorta.

When it comes to Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane in the Spider-Man films, I’ve always said I could do with or without, but preferably without, considering there’s the very fetching Gwen Stacy (played by the equally fetching Bryce Dallas Howard) waiting in the wings to take over the movie’s female lead spot. And let’s face it, this isn’t the comics, so there’s no need to kill Gwen off the way the comics did, and who says MJ has to be Peter Parker’s one true love? Okay, so some Spidey diehards will get peeved, but from a franchise standpoint, Dunst’s Mary Jane has grown tired and stale. The best thing Sam Raimi, who has agreed to return for a fourth and fifth installment, can do is kill her off to pave the way for Gwen Stacy.

But hey, I don’t get paid the big bucks to make the big decisions. Here’s what Dunst said when MTV asked her about the impending Spidey flicks, said to be shooting back-to-back very soon, and whether or not she would return as MJ:

For quite some time now, “Spider-Man” star Kirsten Dunst has had one major condition as to whether or not she’d sign-up for any future sequels of the franchise — that director Sam Raimi and co-star Tobey Maguire be signed on as well.

Well, now that the news has broken that both Raimi and Maguire have signed back on for a fourth and fifth installment – with a hefty paycheck attached as well — MTV News posed the big question to Dunst while she was promoting her upcoming film, “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People” with Simon Pegg. Is she in or is she out?

“I’m in,” said the actress matter of factly. However, when pressed to make the announcement official, Dunst quickly changed her tone, and rather cryptically added, “I’m not saying anything, I know there’s rumors…”

Kirsten Dunst has to return — so they can properly kill off her Mary Jane character. Come on, raise your hands if you don’t think MJ has grown lame over the last three films? Anyone? Anyone? Didn’t think so.

Below: If only the movie version of Mary Jane was this cheeky.

Spider-Man's Mary Jane