Know French? Then Watch the Inception Trailer

An Inception trailer is supposed to run in front of Sherlock Holmes this Friday, but for those who do not want to wait, a French version of the trailer has deputed online  thanks to MakingOf, and it appears that all of the crazy imagery inherent in the promotional material is quite literally a part of the film.  The tagline (your mind is the scene of the crime) is definitely taken to heart here. Usually these kinds of films seem pretentious to me, but the visuals look stunning and, at least in the trailer, seem to take precedence over Leonardo DiCaprio and Ellen Page. Slash Film has a partial translation of the trailer:

What’s the most resilient form of parasite? An idea. An idea has the power to build a city… to change the world, and re-write all the rules..and that’s why I need to steal it.