Korean Horror Flick Yoga Explores the Horrors of, Well, Yoga.

I love horror movies with simplistic, straightforward titles — it lets you know what you’re getting into without attempting to be clever, funny, or a rancid combination of the two. Director Yoon Jae Yeon’s latest supernatural outing “Yoga” is about — surprise, surprise — yoga. To put a finer point on it, this creepy supernatural spookfest follows a group of girls who enroll in a strange yoga class that promises to grant its customers eternal youth. Naturally, the gimmick isn’t what it appears to be, and the clients soon find that there’s more to the class’ mysterious trainer than meets the eye. Honestly, the specifics don’t matter too much. As long as someone dies while attempting to execute Downward-Facing Dog, I’ll be perfectly happy. I wish I were kidding.

If you live in South Korea or own one of those fancy all-region DVD players, you can own “Yoga” when it hits retail shelves on February 23rd. The trailer has been conveniently embedded below.