Korean Horror Movie APT Headed for Remake

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The South Korean horror movie “APT” is, if you’ve seen any number of Asian horror movies, more of the same. A woman is haunted by the ghost of some dead woman with long black hair who likes to show up in the background when she least expects it, and it’s up to our heroine to solve the mystery before she becomes a victim. It was directed by Ahn Byeong-ki, who could be called the John Carpenter of South Korean horror movies, having familiar titles like “Bunshinsaba”, “Phone”, and “Nightmare” to his credit — all horror movies about women haunted by long hair ghosts. Couple the generic qualities of “APT” with the fact that Asian horror movies have since lost much of their steam of late, and it’s a wonder why anyone is trying to remake “APT”.


Variety reports that Korea’s Mirovision company has sold remake rights to its horror film APT. to NHO Entertainment, which says it will sign “a major director” to helm the redux… The movie stars Go So-yeong as Se-jin, a young woman who moves into a new apartment, where she sees the lights in the building across from hers flickering out at 9:56 p.m. each night. Soon people in that complex start dying at that same time, with the fatalities seemingly tied in to a young wheelchair-bound girl who lives alone in the apartment opposite Se-jin’s—and to make matters worse, our heroine is being haunted by a spectral woman clad in red.

It’s “Rear Window” meets every Asian horror movie you’ve ever since since “Ringu”. Hey, since Sarah Michelle Gellar seems to have a thing for these Asian horror movie remakes, why not get her to star? God knows Buffy could use a hit because, let’s face it, we’re all going to be old and gray by the time “Southland Tales” finally makes it to theaters.

Korean Horror Movie APT Headed for Remake

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