Korean Horror The Host Gets a Sequel

It appears the Koreans are not averse to unnecessary sequels to hit movies, much like their Hollywood counterparts, when there is money to made. (Then again, if you follow Korean cinema, you already know this…) With that in mind, reports have surfaced that a sequel to the Korean Creature Feature hit “The Host” is under way, but without original director Joon-ho Bong, who is apparently already at work on a new movie. No information about the sequel is available, but chances are that the creature (or, if it follows the Golden Rule of Horror Sequels, MORE of the creatures) will be back.

In the original, the creature at the center of the carnage was unwittingly created by the American Military (a real-life source of massive hysterical anger for the Koreans), who came out of the Han River to gobble up tourists and Koreans, and abduct a member of a dysfunctional family who makes it their mission to get her back.

The original was a major hit in South Korea and internationally, and even had an impressive run in America, especially for a Korean film. It was also so odiously anti-American that the North Korean dictatorship apparently praised it just for that fact. Hey, when you can get a thumbs up from a midget dictator, more power to ya!