Korean Monster Flick Sector 7 Attacks US DVD And 3D Blu-ray This Summer

Ji-won Ha and Sung-kee Ahn in Sector 7 (2011) Movie Image

Here at Beyond Hollywood we’ve given a fair amount of attention and press to Korean sci-fi/horror/monster film “Sector 7”. It was a hotly anticipated released, and both Todd and James have reviewed the movie. As fans we know how difficult it can be to track down releases from other parts of the world, it often takes time, cash, and an all region player, and still, sometimes what you wind up with in your hand is a cheap bootleg. If we’re lucky, a popular Asian film will often get a domestic release, but that can take a couple years while we wait impatiently.

Thanks to the good folks at Shout! Factory, teaming up with CJ E&M, that isn’t going to be an issue with “Sector 7”. A Region 1 release is scheduled for June 26th. 2012. “Sector 7” will be unleashed on Blu-ray 3D (with an HD 2D option as well) and DVD.

Starring popular international female action star Ha Ji-Won and directed by Kim Ji-Hoon, “Sector 7” delivers blockbuster home entertainment, boasting fierce action, daring stunts and spectacular CG and 3D technology. Hae-jun (Ha Ji-Won) is working as a marine equipment manager on an old oil prospecting platform stationed at Sector 7, the mining area in the vast open sea located off the southern tip of Korea’s Jeju Island. One day, a new recruit sinks to the bottom of the sea. Evidence suggests that it was not an accident, and other crew members begin to turn up dead. The few survivors soon discover an underwater creature roaming the rig. The viral monster infiltrated the ship through the drilling pipe and has been feeding on crew members to survive. As Hae-jun and her remaining crew lose all communications to the outside world, a frantic fight for their lives begins.

Both reviews on the site give “Sector 7” mixed reviews, but both contain one key idea: fun. Comparisons to Bong Joon-ho’s “The Host” are inescapable, and while that’s an impossibly high standard to hold any movie to, I’m a sucker for a dark, schlocky monster movie, and this sounds like it could be a pretty good time.

Again, “Sector 7” attacks 3D Blu-ray and DVD on June 26th.

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