The Host 2 Expected in 2009

Korean director Joon-ho Bong may not want anything to do with a sequel to his surprise international hit “The Host”, but the producers of the movie are moving forward anyway. I guess however you slice it (or in what language), “sequels mean quick cash” translates just as well in English or Korean.


Shooting is expected to begin in late summer of 2008 and the finished film is planned to be released in 2009. The production budget is reported to be higher than the original film’s 10 billion Korean won (approximately $10.9 million US). The director or principal cast are not yet confirmed. The producer said that he had various versions of how to make the sequel and he would first hire ’supervisors’ to help him decide one.

Sequels are nothing new in Korean cinema, of course. Moviemaking, in whatever language, is a business, and something of “The Host’s” level of success can’t be ignored. An American remake of “The Host” was also rumored, but nothing has been heard about it yet.