Kristen Stewart Replacing Angelina Jolie in Wanted 2?

Seriously? Wait, let me check — yup, it’s April 22nd, so this isn’t some elaborate, belated April Fool’s joke. Anyhoo, word comes from the celeb gossipers over at E! Online that “the studio and director” of “Wanted” are keen on replacing Angelina Jolie, who has officially dumped the sequel, with “Twilight” wunderkind Kristen Stewart. The idea is to team Stewart up with the original film’s star, James McAvoy. Yes, James McAvoy was the star of “Wanted”. Honest. The movie was all about him. No, really, go to Wikipedia if you don’t believe me.

The director in question is of course Timur Bekmambetov, who was very keen on bending time and space to bring back Angelina Jolie’s dead Fox character for the sequel, but the actress would have none of it. Without Jolie, the sequel seemed dead, but of course we knew it wouldn’t stay that way very long. Why? $341 million in worldwide box office, that’s why.

E! says the possibility is a “slim” one that Stewart would actually land in the “Wanted” sequel. I actually think it wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Hey, it would actually make more sense (or as much sense as a movie set in the world of “Wanted” could possible make, ahem), and Stewart wouldn’t look like McAvoy’s momma in the movie. Sorry, but you know it’s true.