Kristoffer Tabori’s Fireball Blazes a Trail to DVD

In case you were wondering, I tend to like movies with a lot of explosions. And when I say a lot of explosions, I mean a lot of explosions. It’s a problem I’ve had since I was a kid, and the only cure for this peculiar disease is, ironically, more explosions. Kristoffer Tabori’s “Fireball” — which had its world premiere on the SyFy channel sometime last summer — seems like a good prescription for my cinematic woes, even if it does feature Ian Somerhalder as the wannabe badass who’s forced to track down an escaped convict with the ability to start fires with his mind. Fortunately for easy-to-please geeks like myself, “Fireball” will have its way with your psyche when it finally hits DVD on June 22nd. And who said the summer movie schedule was lacking this year? Shame on you, internet naysayers. Shame.