Kurt Busiek Talks About His Vision for the Astro City Move

Kurt Busiek recently sat down to talk to CBR about his projects, and ended up spending more than half of the interview (embedded below) on the upcoming “Astro City” movie, which was recently optioned by the guys at Working Title Films for a big screen treatment.

According to Busiek, he’ll get first crack at the script, and will remain on the project as a producer afterwards. But the biggest news has to be Busiek’s vision of the movie, which he amusingly describes as a “$200 million dollar chick flick” that will focus on characters and relationships that just happens to have very expensive superheroics going on in the background.

I’ll be honest with you, I think what Busiek would like to do with the movie is admirable, but is it realistic? Busiek doesn’t like the idea of focusing on one superhero (say, the Confessor) and telling the story from there, but I can’t really see how you would make an “Astro City” without approaching it from that limited perspective and then expanding outward with sequels. But hey, he’s Kurt Busiek, and I’m not, so we’ll see how it goes.

Here’s the interview: