Kurt Russell Gives Stallone’s The Expendables the Finger

Wow, this is so uncool of ol Kurt. I always thought the star of “Big Trouble in Little China” was a lot cooler than this. Then again, maybe this is entirely Russell’s agents being douche bags without his knowledge, but word from Stallone himself is that he tried to get his former “Tango and Cash” buddy onto the cast of his ever-expanding “Expendables” movie, but was rebuffed mightily.

Writes Stallone to Stallonezone:

I know that many people on the site have asked for Kurt Russell. I asked for him too. Actually, I was taken aback when asked to put the request in a letter and send it to his agent. Subsequently, I was called back by the agent several days later after refusing to send a letter and he said Kurt Russell is not interested in ‘ensemble acting’ at this time.

So, People, I came, I saw, I failed.



Again, I always thought Russell was kind of a cool guy from his movies, and all the audio commentaries I’ve heard of him doing for his movies have just reinforced that image of him. But this … wow. I don’t know if it’s Russell’s “people”, but this sure looks like a big “Eff off, Stallone” to me.

Below: “For the last time, Stallone, I don’t do ensemble work! Now back off!”